Amfleet are a series of passenger cars built for Amtrak by Budd Company in the 1970s and early 1980s. Today Amfleet cars are used throughtout Amtrak's system. Because of there rounded shape, they've been known by railfans as "Amcans" or "Amtubes."

Paint schemesEdit

Phases 1-2Edit

Amfleet phase1

A line of Phase 2 cars waiting at a station.

The first paint scheme included wide bands of Blue and ride, bordered by white stripes, and Amtrak's original "pointless arrow" logo at the end.

In phase 2 the logo was eliminated from the sides. Keeping the original red, white, and blue bands.

Phase 3Edit

Phase 3 is the most commonly used even to this day. You can find it on all Amfleets. This scheme includes three small equal width of red, white, and blue cover the the wind band of the car.

Phase 4Edit

The phase 4 scheme was introduced in the early '90s, and consisted of a blue window band acceded by a thin red and white stripes at the top. They were introduced to make way for the upcoming Acela as a marketing campaign.

Amfleet 2Edit

Unlike the Amfleet 1s the 2s were designed for long distance travel. Each coach has 59 leg-rest seats, instead of 84 on Amfleet 1s. They also have only one vestibule, the extra space is used for the enlarged restrooms.

There also numbered differently from 25000 to 25124. The Dinettes are 28000 to 28024.


Inside amfleet cafe
Cafè car.  
Amfleet coach
Coach class.  

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